Meet The Vendors

Meet The Vendors

Introducing some of the amazing Israeli vendors heading to the shuk in London! Discover everything from halvah and spices to craft beer and sweets – these vendors are bringing the very best Israel has to offer to London for two incredible days.

Ma’adanei Chuna
Gracing the tables of thousands of homes across the Middle East, olives are a quintessential Israeli treat – and Chuna sells the best Jerusalem has to offer! Discover a delicious range of olives and pickles in every shape, colour, and flavour, and bring an authentic taste of the Middle East to your table.

Rozmarin – Rosemary Spices
A natural store with an emphasis on the unusual, Rosemary Spices creates and sells an amazing range of naturally delicious luxury products. As well as carefully selected spices grown and ground especially for Rosemary, they also sell a selection of unique herbal and fruity tea blends, tasty mixes to add to rice, and the sweetest dried fruits available.

Basher is a renowned fromagerie, and a highly acclaimed purveyor of luxury foods. Discover a stunning range of imported and Israeli cheeses, as well as other gourmet delicacies sourced from across Israel and Europe. It’s run by Eli Basher, a connoisseur of all things delicious who wants to bring his top-quality products to Jerusalem, Israel, and the world.

Pitzuchei Aviram Mizrahi
If there are two things the market is famous for, it’s family businesses and fantastic food. Pitzuchei Mizrahi is both: the family-run store offers the freshest, crunchiest, and tastiest nuts around. Healthy, natural, and delicious, Mizrahi’s snacks are popular across Jerusalem and are guaranteed to keep your family happy.

Mamtakei Dudu
Ever-smiling Asher runs Mamtakei Dudu – Dudu’s Sweets. His tiny store is packed with favourite Israeli sweets, chocolates, snacks, and other tempting treats you’re going to love. He’ll also be bringing one of the shuk’s most iconic sights to London: the pick-n-mix candy bar of your dreams!

Shaked Tavor
Israel is renowned for its healthy lifestyle, and Shaked Tavor offers the country’s very best health products. Discover a wealth of all-natural, organic products, including olive oil, wholegrain tahini, honeys and syrups, and other high-quality, delicious, healthful ingredients and treats that will help you look and feel fantastic!

Halvah Kingdom
Descended from a rich Moroccan Jewish legacy, Eli Mamman follows an ancient recipe to craft delicious halvah in more than 100 different flavours. Founded in the Old City in 1947, the Halvah Kingdom has been a Machane Yehuda mainstay for decades. The Halvah Kingdom also operates the Tahina King, which creates delectable tahina in a tempting array of flavours.

Eliyahu Judaica
Tucked away in a corner of the market, Avi Simantov’s store, Eliyahu Judaica, is a veritable treasure trove. It’s packed from top to bottom with everything from Jerusalem stone mezuzah cases and leather-bound copies of Psalms to crystal candlesticks, hand-knitted kippot, and other beautiful gifts that your family and friends will love.

Uzi Eli The Etrog Man
One of the shuk’s most iconic stalls, Uzi Eli, also known as the Etrog Man, is famous for his freshly squeezed juices which are packed with unusual herbs and fruits. He also makes natural herbal remedies for all kinds of ailments and has a wealth of knowledge about the nutritional value and healing powers of every plant in his arsenal. Above all, his juices are delicious!

Beer Bazaar
New to the shuk, Beer Bazaar is one of the most popular places in the market. A favourite among Israelis and Olim alike, the Bazaar sells more than 100 different Israeli craft beers, some of which they design and brew themselves! As well as their incredible beers, Beer Bazaar are also renowned for their delicious bar snacks.